Towards a Multi-Agent System to Assist Networked Learning

D.Stamatis, P. Kefalas and Th.Kargidis

Abstract: Through the use of continuously evolving information technologies, the concept of Networked Learning (NL) offers an effective and low cost means for Open and Distance Learning. However, NL is far from being a process without problems. Apart from the pedagogical model used, NL heavily relies on organisational/management and otehr educational aspects. It is suggested that Artificial Intelligence (AI) provides mechanisms which have the potential to support NL both at the organisational and educational level. This paper proposes a framework based on multiple AI agents which can be used to automatically or semi-automatically assist various stages of NL. This assistance is indented for both learners and course providers who need to carry out specific tasks before, during and after the delivery of a course.

 Keywords:   Open and Distance Learning, Networked Learning, Intelligent Agents.

Appeared in: Journal of Computer Assisted  Learning, Vol.15, pp 201-210, 1999.

Available: Hardcopy on request from the authors. .

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