Logic and Sets in the Computer Science Curriculum

A.Soritiadou, P. Kefalas
Computer Science is not just about Programming. Although this is well known to the academics, first level students can hardly conceive how mathematics could play a essential role in Computer Science. In this paper, we record our experience on the importance of teaching Logic and Set Theory in a Computer Science curriculum through a course in Discrete Mathematics. We present the appropriate concepts of logic and set theory required for Computer Science students in a Bachelorís programme. The objective of this paper is not only to show how these concepts are spread in a wide variety of Computer Science courses but also to argue that the learning experience gained from getting involved in fundamental problem solving enhances various skills of the Computer Science students.

Keywords:  CS Curriculum, Dicrete Mathematics, Logic, Sets

Submitted to: 2nd Panhellenic Logic Symposium

Available: Hardcopy on request from the authors. .

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