T.Kargidis, P.Kefalas, D.Stamatis, A.Tsadiras


Abstract: In this paper a Networked Learning environment is presented for teaching Logic Programming from a Distance. After a short introduction to the Networked Learning approach to Open and Distance Learning, we present the reasons why Logic Programming background is regarded as necessary for a computer scientist. Technological and pedagogical aspects of the design of the Networked Learning course are then discussed and the designing choices are justified together with the implementation of the environment, by giving descriptions of the syllabus and the course structure. We discuss our experience acquired by both the web based teaching environment and the teaching process. The Networked Learning course was delivered for two successive academic years to undergraduate students under a SOCRATES-MINERVA program. Finally, we briefly present the results of the networked learning process based on student evaluation questionnaires and studentsí learning performance and we propose ways to improve the programme delivery and outcomes

Available: Copy on request from the authors.

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