T.Kargidis, P.Kefalas, D.Stamatis, A.Tsadiras

Towards a European Credit Transfer System for Networked Learning (ECTS-NL)

Abstract: In this paper an ECTS system for Network Learning (ECTS-NL) is proposed as the framework for developing Network Learning courses and studies. After a short introduction to Network Learning and the ECTS system, the necessary extensions and modifications are made to the classical ECTS system, to create an ECTS-NL system that is  both capable to provide the underlying structure for developing NL-courses and  is also flexible to cope with NL-courses provided by different universities of different countries. The Top-Down approach to the allocation of credits was chosen. In the paper the structure of the proposed ECTS-NL is presented, giving explanations for every ECTS-NL field. The benefits of the new ECTS-NL system are discussed and possible uses are proposed.

Available: Copy on request from the authors.

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