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The Intelligence, Modelling & Computation (IMC) research group is concerned with research in the general area of artificial intelligence. In particular the group is concerned with (but not only) the formal aspects of modelling agent and multi-agent systems, as well as semantic web services; constraint logic programming and its application to novel areas such as formal modelling and verification; modelling and computation of biological systems. The Research Group has grown up and replaced the previously existing research group X-City-ing.


Research Areas

  • Intelligent Agent and Multiagent Systems
    • Formal Modelling & Verification (X-machines, Communicating X-Machines)
    • Semantic Web (Ontologies, Semantic Web Services)
    • Robotics

  • Logic Programming/Constraint Logic Programming
    • Modelling & Computation (Reasoning Algorithms, Novel Tools for Formal Methods)
    • Propagation Algorithms

  • Computational Systems’ Biology
    • Modelling & Computation (Complex Systems, Emergence, Neural Networks, Genetic Algorithm
    • Membrane computing

Intelligence, Modelling, and Computation Research Group.
Department of Computer Science
CITY College, Affiliated Institution of the University of Sheffield,
13 Tsimiski str., Thessaloniki, 54624 Greece